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eCommerce SEO Tips for 2013

Search engines like google have been working on replacement of e-commerce websites which are lacking quality and useful content, with their own shopping. However, it is starting to become quite challenging for ecommerce sites to thrive the algorithms which Google and other search engines are using. Nevertheless, online shopping trends and volume of buyers is increasing day by day because they find it easier to shop online.

It has resulted in a great opportunity for merchants online who understand how to strive ahead. They’re able to now stand above their competitors by staying up to date and continously evolve by making changes to their ecommerce SEO strategy.

If incase you didn’t know about 90% of the search engine traffic comes from Google making it the biggest search engine on the planet. You Tube is also owned by Google plus its the second biggest internet search engine and the 3rd most popular website on the planet as well as the #1 video sharing site. It is very important therefore, to make your website according to Google guidelines by adopting to every new update, so that you can remain relevant and cut an edge in the competition.
So Here are some eCommerce SEO Tips for 2013

Don’t Overuse Keywords:

You may already know that keywords have always played a pivotal role in promoting your website’s content over the internet and therefore increasing its Search Engine ranking. It is very crucial to choose the right keywords. So that you can yield maximum results from your SEO strategy, only pick keywords that are relevant to your e-commerce business and to the products that you are promoting.

Don’t stuff your website with keywords everywhere, because many people stuff keywords in the content, title tags, alt text, product descriptions and links that no longer works as it used to do previously. using stuffing keywords will impact your search results negatively and your website might get penalized for it as well.

Boost Loading Speed:

Users don’t like to wait and if you have a big e-commerce website with lots of images and text it will require a long time to load it completely, customers will no longer stay on your website and will most likely move to your competitors website which load faster. In order to stop them for leaving your website you must minimize loading time to ensure they are interested in buying what you are offering them.

Websites which load slowly undoubtedly are a discouragement. Consumers can be really impatient, one of the easiest method to decrease load time is to using CDN or better known as Content Delivery Network it will enhance your websites loading speed but you’ll have to spend some money to utilize this service NetDNA and MaxCDN provide the best services and their prices are also reasonable.

Interactive and Engaging Website Layout:

To appeal to online visitors, your website is required to be engaging & interactive . This will likely keep the visitors still fascinated by what your website offers providing them with an fulfilling experience that will make them return time and time again. To ensure they are visit your website again to buy your products you have to develop a powerful and interactive environment for them.

This can be accomplished by asking your customers to leave their feedback and write reviews about the products as well as their experiences, to make your website more appealing add live chat and phone support or videos tutorials.

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Social Media:

Informative and Useful content always manages to catch the attention of users who like to share the content with their friends, family members. Make your website as social as possible harness the power of Twitter and facebook, social media marketing play a huge role in marketing businesses and products online. Make sure you set-up profiles on all popular social networking sites to develop user interest in your products and it can be done by intereacting with users and answering their questions related to your products or services.

Always update your facebook fan pages to keep the users engaged, keep posting fresh content on your blog. You can surely get extra traffic from Twitter,Facebook,Google+ & YouTube if you utilize them properly.

As i have mentioned in my previous blog posts that Photo sharing is now finally a major component of e-commerce. People who are interested in buying a product online are more inclined to buy the things they see frequently on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and on Pinterest.

Pinterest is also a high traffic site and extremely useful for promoting e-commerce websites specially if you are selling female products so don’t forget to add a pinterest social widget or button on your website so that users can ‘Pin’ your products and share it in their social circles.

Go Mobile:

Online Shopping using smartphones and the tablets is growing day by day. The utilization of mobile while shopping either in-store or on the move is becoming extremely popular among the consumers the majority of who prefer significantly more mobile-optimized information of items when they are shopping.

For those of you who have multi-channels for promotions like a blog or active social media networks and mobile marketing strategy your website is not going to suffer when search engines like google release another update to their ranking algorithm. Your online business will continue growing and will definitely attract traffic helping you to stay ahead in competition regardless of the algorithm updates like Panda or Penguin and to any other new update..

By studying the consumer buying behaviours patterns, it is possible to plan a solid and working mobile strategy that would be well suited for your e-business.


How Google ‘Rich Snippets’ Can Increase Web Traffic

If you were wondering that How Google ‘Rich Snippets’ Can Increase Web Traffic? Well, let me explain it to you as you might already know that Google has always said they want to provide you the best and the most accurate results and that is why they are always introducing new features and algorithm updates (Panda/Penguin/Venice) to provide better user experience.

As a result every popular brand and online marketing experts are unable to cut corners. Now, the game has changed it’s not about quantity of backlinks it’s about quality and developing trust and providing quality content to the readers. There are so many factors that determine the ranking of your website for instance Bounce Rate and CTR or better known as the click-through rates and that is exactly what matters these days, now that is exactly why many people are using rich snippets to tackle these issues.

What rich snippet does is that it basically provides only a small overview of the content that the user will most likely see on the website. Rich snippets don’t have any direct influence on increasing rankings, nevertheless they add considerable worth the default search results and may also drastically increase your website traffic. There are different types of snippets like Google author bio, star ratings & reviews, these work very well for e-commerce sites there are some other snippets as well for the complete list visit this link.

As i have mentioned earlier Rich snippets can increase the CTR (click through rate) significantly by enhancing the visual aspect of your website’s listing in Search Engine, giving you more details about the content and author,not only it will increase your online visibility but also helps in building trust. They help verify precisely what the person is searching for, and whenever they click through to the web page, these are most likely to spend more time on your website and read the content, this decreases the bounce rate and will increase time on site.

So these were some benefits of using rich snippets, now let’s talk about 2 most popular ‘Rich Snippets’ and how to utilize them:

Google Authorship Snippet

It is by far the most popular rich snippet these days. This snippet makes it possible for the users to see the author’s name, and author’s Google+ profile picture, the total number of people you have in your circle and also the link to the content that the author has published on his website or anywhere else on the Internet. Content marketing as i have discussed in my previous posts is gradually becoming foundation for Search engine optimisation. Guest posts with links back to your website are the best way to improve rankings.

Below are a some basic steps to create your Google authorship profile for guest posting:

  • Create a Google+ profile. A Google+ profile is actually a requirement for using the Authorship markup. This is how Google recognizes a real user and owner and not another individual with the exact same name.
  • To link back to your Google+ profile from the guest posts make use of the rel=”author” tag. Generally, many website owners require the author to create a contributing author BIO page on their website and include link back to your website there.
  • For most of the blogs that accept guest posts, the author BIO of the guest authors and their Google+ link will show up at the top or bottom of each and every post.
  • Visit your Google+ profile and update the contributor section to add the url of the website or blog where your guest post will be or is published.

After adding the link now you have to Verify it whether or not the connection was successful and you can check it with Google’s Rich Snippet Testing Tool. Just enter the url of your guest post once it is live. The tool will show you whether authorship markup exists and if it’s working properly or not.

If you have followed the instructions carefully this is how your posts will show up in search engine results:

Google Ratings and Reviews Rich Snippet

Another productive way to utilize rich snippets is for user ratings and reviews. The objective of the review rich snippet is to improve appearance of the search engine listing and also to provide users with information regarding particular products or services, for example the star rating — 1 to 5 stars — as well as the name of reviewer(s).

how to utilize google rich snippet
making use of google rich snippets

There are several kinds of rich snippet code you can include within the HTML to display different reviews. The easiest, and least complicated to set up is aggregate voting, as shown in the example above. This enables the user to vote for products or services by giving a score, either out of 5 or sometimes 5 or 10.


Link Building For Small Business, Post-Panda/Penguin

There are thousands of articles on Post-Panda/Penguin updates and how these updates have changed the overall SEO strategies.Although the statement is almost accurate because google is cracking down hard on all spammy links generated through softwares. But still they haven’t been 100% successful in getting rid of the spam links and content.

Google will continue to roll out different algorithm updates and they do it almost daily, these updates don’t last for a couple of hours, it takes days and sometimes week to completely roll out the update.

What Types Of Link Building For Small Business Still Works?

Guest Blog Posts:

Guest Posting still works but try to post on sites that are in relevant niches and also thorougly examine the website’s backlinks, it is very crucial that you analyze the backlink pattern otherwise you might end up wasting your time and effort by publishing your post on a website that later gets penalized.

Product/Service Reviews:

Reviews still work wonders but try not to be biased, create a video review and a article with the complete details of the products and the provider along with Pros and Cons. Try to get in touch with people who are already using the products and get their feedback and if they have some concerns try to solve them that’s another good way to get backlinks.

Forum Posting:

I am not talking about profile, forum posting is also a good technique of getting extra backlinks, you can easily find forums realted to the products or services that you are offering and you might even find some threads related to your products.

Inform people about your products and services, offer them support and assistance and try to be active poster on forum but only post useful content, you use signature link to promote your products.

Social Media:

Interact with people on social media sites, see what they have to say about your products and services. encourage them to spread the word, you can use HootSuite for managing social media profiles from one dashboard.

Publish Interviews Of Industry Experts:

Publish interviews of industry experts on your blog by doing this not only you’ll be providing the readers quality content but also people will use the interview and curate content and you will receive a link in return.

Create A Infographic:

Create a unique and informative Infographic, you can hire someone to create a decent inforgraphic for your business. People love to share and re-publish infographics. No one wants to read text, provide them with facts and figures which are easier to digest and fun to read.


GSA Captcha Breaker Review

Although GSA is not a new company they have developed tons of applications but they have gained lots of positive feedback ever since they launched Search Engine Ranker and Captcha Breaker software. However, In this post i am going to focusing entirely on Captcha Breaker, it is a very useful piece of software for those who are using SEO softwares like SEnuke XCr and Search Engine Ranker alongwith many other tools. 3rd Party services are very costly and if you are building thousands of links or have to optimize dozens of sites that it is would be better to buy a software like GSA Captcha Breaker because it will save you alot of money and you don’t have to pay for the software monthly.

There are some other softwares in the market as well they offer same features but the accuracy rate is not promising. Captcha Breaker by default contains 400 pre-configured captcha types to solve.

Major Benefits Of This Software:

  • Solves almost all types of captcha images and guarantees upto 100% success rate
  • Work on all versions of Windows
  • You only have to purchase it one-time with NO monthly subscription
  • FREE life-time updates
  • Includes a powerful built-in ocr editor with which you can create self-made algorithms to solve captchas
  • Free 5 Day Trial

SEnuke XCr Review

SEnuke XCr is a very popular SEO software, i have been using this software for almost 3 years now. Basically what makes this software so special is the fact that it automates most of the tedious SEO tasks and you don’t have to sign up for websites manually, with the latest version of SEnuke XCr you can also add your own custom websites or blogs that you own and schedule content posting and backlinking process.

My SEnuke XCr Review:

Before the launch of SEnuke XCr on September 19th, 2012 the software was known as SEnuke, the developers have added tons of features in the latest version which makes it by far the best automatic backlinking software available in the market.

The softwares was created by Joe Russell and Areeb Bajwa both of them are professional online marketers and they have been in this field for almost a decade now.

This software can not only help you creates tons of backlinks for your clients but you can also use it for your own websites and make money online using affiliate marketing for instance promoting amazon products or products of some other companies or perhaps use it for generating leads.

SEnuke XCr Overview

With this software you can create a variety of links:

  • Web 2.0 Profiles
  • Social Network Submission
  • Article Submission
  • PDF Submission
  • Local Citation Sites Submission
  • Forum Profiles

In this SEnuke XCr Review , i am going to be covering all aspects of this software.

Advantages Of Using SEnuke XCr:

  • User can easily find profitable niches and keywords
  • The software provides you indepth competition anaylsis
  • Schedule campaigns and the softwares will do everything automatically (Account Creation/Verification/Submission)
  • With the content spinner you can easily create dozens of variations of an article instanly.
  • Auto-Captcha Solving and 3rd-Party Captcha Softwares and Subscrptions Integration
  • Users can use private proxies as well
  • iMacro support also included, users can add custom sites and also create imacros of their own.

Major Disadvantages Of Using SEnuke XCr:

  • Built-In Auto Captcha solver does not solve all types of captchas,
  • Using 3rd party services like Death By Captcha and ImageTyperz will increase the cost of running the software
  • For consistent results private proxies are recommended which can be costly.

You don’t have to be a expert to use this software, there are tons of video tutorials that are available on YouTube and on SEnuke Forum. If used properly this software is capable of handling all backlinking tasks.

With the built-in Diagram creator you can easily create your own backlinking strategy or you can also use the pre-existing templates and modify them according to your requirements.

Monthly Subsription Of SEnuke XCr: 14 days free then $67/month For Lite and 14 days free then $147/month For XCR Pro version.

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