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How Content Marketing elevates scope of Email Marketing

Content Marketing has great potential to take your email marketing campaign to a new level of excellence and business profits. Digital marketers who have not made most out of the content marketing have certainly missed real potent opportunities. Content marketing opens new doors of success for the email marketers as well. It is the power of a persuasive content that can really push your customers into buying your services. According to a recent estimate, almost 61% of the online buyers feel good about the companies that feed them with the custom content and they seem to have built more trust on those companies. It means if the content marketing team can create highly enticing content with an organic sales pitch included in it, then there are no stopping for your content to be acknowledged at larger scale. There are still some digital marketers who are unaware of the potential benefits of content marketing and its significance especially for the email marketing and they don’t consider it very important which can cause them serious losses in the return of investment of an email marketing campaign. One encouraging fact that reaps positivity about content marketing is that on average the digital marketers spend more than one quarter of their budget on content marketing.

Here we shall be looking at few significant ways with which content marketing can elevate the levels of success for an email marketing campaign:

Your Customer Acquisition increases with Consistent Content Sharing:

62% of the companies advertising their different products and services observed rapid growth in terms of their customer acquisition when they consistently sent the highly optimized emails with catchy content in it to their subscribers. The more are the chances of making the tentative customers into potential buyers by feeding them regularly with the content they like to see. This could be a target based content marketing approach in which the customer likings and disliking are thoroughly analyzed. Then on the basis of these preferences, such content can be prepared that is up to the customer demands. In this way the lead prospects can be increased in an effective manner.

Custom Content raises the bar of your Marketing Strategy:

Among the Chief Marketing officers (CMOs), 78% think that custom content can enhance the overall potential of an online marketing campaign and it influences the email marketing in the most influential manner as it directly targets the right customer with right content. The content appeals the most to the customers as it directly reaches their desires. Try keeping yourself in palace of your customers and assume their perceptions, you would come to know that they want a certain amount of compassion from your side and look to gain some individual attention.

Content Marketing raises the ROI from an Email Marketing Campaign:

The return of investment of your email marketing campaign increases with purposeful content marketing. There are two scenarios in which you can take the whole email marketing into account. According to the first scenario, you would send the email newsletter to your subscribers with information about your latest products releases and discount offers. In this scenario you would not give alternative content descriptions for different products and rely on a single tagline for the launch of different products. In the other scenario, you can design you email newsletter in a way that it can straightaway catch the attention of your subscribers. It can be done by giving different descriptions for different products and telling your customers briefly about each product with its necessary attributes. This is how you can expand your customer base by developing trust and interest from your subscribers. You will get maximum through this focused input and your business will be on road of potent achievements.

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5 Content Marketing Tips to enhance your Brand’s Exposure

If you are looking to enhance your brand’s exposure and looking for media highlights then content marketing is the best option for you. Content Marketing helps those online firms and businesses that are looking to reach the top ladders and earn maximum competitiveness against their rivals have to look forward to content marketing as an influential field that can maximize the growth profits and lead to multiple leads prospects. You need to advertise and promote a highly sequenced and optimized content in a way that it can target the ideal audience for your business and give you a chance to endorse your products to them. For ultimate business success your brand must enjoy a solid reputation and widened exposure on the online and social media platforms and that happens with the help of a highly qualitative and organized content marketing approach.

Following are some of the most useful tips for enhancing your brand’s exposure:

Keep your Content Marketing Strategy Updated:

Keeping content marketing strategy updates explores a larger perspective as it covers many aspects. You should continue to build strength to your online business, brand, products and services by having a critical eye on your competitor’s strategy and making significant refinement in your own in line with it. With that you also need to ask you research team to uplift its credentials in finding out what is trending at a particular time in a specific area. This can help you in targeting the customer in real time within a specific locality. Updating the content marketing strategy also means to add multidimensional features in your content and utilization of multiple content marketing tools.

Highlight your Unique Selling Point:

When you are promoting your brand along with other products and services that you offer, you need to establish a certain celling point that gives you an edge over your competitors. This only can happen if your content has enough juice in it. You need to push you target audience to buy you products and services and for that you need to tell them through your content that how much beneficial you can be to them as compared to your competitor company.

Don’t take anything casually:

A casual attitude while running a content marketing campaign can harm your brand exposure. If you don’t take any small loss seriously for example then it can lead to significant future business losses. For an instance if your competitor lost heavily because of a certain mistake that he committed in its content marketing strategy then you can’t just take your eyes off from it. You need to learn from it and keep your business on success path by not repeating the mistakes that your competitor made. Every small aspect of content marketing has a great effect and you can’t take anything for granted.

Promote your Brand on Multiple Platforms:

You can’t just stick to a limited content marketing strategy and you must take it to the next level. It is not advised to just promote your brand on certain social media platforms as they are the most famous. You can derive traffic through powerful content from all different social media channels. With that only social media should not be your target place but you should also look to enhance your reach by spreading your content on public blogs, online portals and article posting sites as it will have a positive effect on your strategy.

Try specifying your targets:

It is pertinent to set target and follow them with persistence. You cannot just aim an arrow at nothing. You need to set targets in content marketing and when they are completed move one to the next one. This can be useful as with this approach you can specify your target audience, expenditure on the content marketing campaign and scope of success that you wish to earn with content marketing. All this can happen very smoothly and you can rule the roost with a focused and dedicated content marketing approach.

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10 Must have tools for Content Marketing

Content means a lot to your online business and the whole content marketing strategy depends upon certain tools to get best results from the invested effort. Content creation is all about storytelling of your brand of products. Every Brand has a story and to give voice to your brand’s story content plays a significant role. From the creation of content in a multifaceted manner to its publishing and promotion all the phases have their individual importance and are carried out with the help of certain tools or software. A content that has to drive prosperous benefits into place for an online business should be adaptable, influential, target based and effective to attain the public acceptance and appreciation.

We shall discuss 10 worthwhile content marketing tools on the basis of different categories and highlight how they are so important for the success of a content marketing campaign:

Category1. Tools for exploring content ideas:

Following are two of the most beneficial tools if you are to get some useful ideas for the creation of content:

Content Forest:

Content Forest is an exciting and beneficial online tool for content marketing that gives excellent ideas about content creation on a large variety of topics. You can easily search out for different keywords and find suitable heading that you can take inspiration from to write your own content.


This is another useful tool for taking high quality and beneficial ideas for content creation. You can log in to the Visual.ly tool and take advantage from the ideas for infographics, videos, social media content and graphics content from the large library of the tool.

Category2. Tools for Organization of content:

There are some very good tools available for organization of content too from which you can take help from while organizing your compiled content.


Pocket is small application software that can help you in an effective manner as it can save a lot of your content in the form of document, videos and audio data and photos as well. You can come back to your saved data at any time and post it anywhere when you need.


All you reports, documents, business cards, official letters, video content and photos can easily be saved for later use in Evernote. It gives users their own dashboard in which the whole data can be saved and shared at any time.

Category3. Content Design and Development:

There are some very productive content marketing tools available that can help online business greatly in creating the content. Content marketing has grown in stature because of these content creation tools.


Contently is an excellent tool for content marketing as it helps in creating the all-important content. It is a platform where you can tell stories about your products and brands and publish them to seek promotional growth as well. Storytelling becomes lot easier with “Contently”.


This is another content marketing tool that encourages you to add great effectiveness in your content design and creation. There are a number of stories available written by qualified and renowned professionals on storify and you can read all of them and take instant help from them to create your own story.

Category4. Promotion and Advertising of the Content:

This is again an important field of content marketing to promote your business in an influential manner. Following are few significant tools for it:


Buffer is multifunctioning application software for content marketing and helps the sharing of a particular content on multiple social media platforms.


It is an ultimate platform for content marketing as you can share your content in the form of document, presentations, videos, images and reports on SlideShare and advertise it to a larger audience.

Category5. Content Marketing tools for Reports and Analytics:

To measure the progress of content marketing campaign it is important to use some tools that can give detailed information about all the proceedings of the campaign.

Following are these tools:


It allows you to have a check of the performance of your content placed and advertised on different social media platforms. You can always keep a track of your content and constantly look for refining your content marketing strategy.

Google Analytics:

This is one of the most important tools of content marketing. The tool shows you the complete details of the level of engagement between your content and your customers.

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Achieving success with Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the tool in online marketing that is very important to push a larger target audience take interest in your products. With an impressively written and devised content you can achieve maximum growth in an online business and success could be just a step away from you. Content for your blog in the form of textual content, video content and graphics content can be great to advertise your products and services. You just need to focus on your business goals and certain keywords on the basis of which the content has to be compiled. Content marketing is a great source of improving the scope of SEO for an online business too and in fact is an integral part of the SEO of any website. Without a powerful content, your website cannot produce healthy results and your overall online marketing campaign cannot reap the best possible advantages. Achieving success with content marketing is something that you can do with a consistent approach and dedicated mindset. Traditional marketing with door to door advertising and promotion of the products and services can be very tough, non-responsive at times and with lesser ROI. This is what you can avoid in case of content marketing as it leads to a three times increase in your ROI than the traditional marketing.

There are some very productive ways of achieving good success with content marketing:

Have an active and urban mindset:

You might have encountered less success and more failure with your previous content marketing strategy and you might be looking to stay away from content marketing in future but this is not what you should do. There might have been a little lapse in your concentration or a conventional mindset you followed in devising and implementing your content marketing strategy. You need to just refresh your strategy with an urbane approach and look for updating it with some latest content marketing trends. In this regard the first thing that you have to get rid of is a sluggish and careless attitude towards content creation and marketing. What some content marketers do is that they don’t make a robust strategy for content marketing and look to achieve best results without the focused approach. You need to make a content marketing strategy as 44% of the successful content marketers do make a complete strategy before going into the execution phase. This helps in implementing the right things at right time with clear targets in mind.

Put required focus on Mobile Content Marketing:

Yes, this is what would separate the winners from mediocre ones. You don’t need to do content marketing to just earn an average living but your focus should be to achieve maximum by applying the most recent methodologies in this field. Mobile content marketing has great scope and can decide the proportion of success you would achieve with your content marketing strategy. According to a survey reports the 41% of subscribers to any company’s promotional emails used their mobile phone to reach these mails. This proves that the content has to be compiled in the way that is friendly for the mobile users as the number of mobile users using their phones as the first source of information. The targeting capacity of your content marketing strategy improves greatly with the focus on mobile content marketing.


Tips for Choosing best SEO Services Company in Dubai

SEO-orange-black-and-white-dice_249x270SEO is the most influential aspect of the online marketing. Search Engines very year update their algorithms to save spamming from the black hat SEO companies but there is huge scope for white SEO services.SEO companies who were working on grey hat strategies and were not focused on changing the unnatural back links to the website with natural links will no more enjoy any strength in their SEO campaign. This is what makes the online business companies in Dubai think about the company they are hiring for the SEO purpose. A company that does not assure you of the all in all white hat SEO services can’t be taken as a reliable company. You need to make your website search engine friendly and not annoy search engines by spamming activities which would result in significant penalizing. White hate SEO companies like German IT Solutions could be the option for you to project your online business in the most legitimate and positive way.

Following are some of the most useful tips for the choice of a worthy SEO services company in Dubai:

Significant SEO Experience as an SEO Services Company in Dubai:

This is the most important feature that asserts the credibility of an SEO services company in Dubai. As much experience the SEO Company would have more will be the chances of guaranteed results for an online business. You need to find out a company that at least has five to ten years of experience in this field. You need to make sure that the company has an established identity and if the existing clients are satisfied with the services of the company.

An Advanced and Updated Working Style:

The SEO Services Company in Dubai you are looking to hire should have a very updated way of working, It is of significant importance because achieving sustainable top rankings on the major search engines for any online business could only be possible for those SEO companies that keep on analyzing the latest SEO updates by the search engine and work accordingly. It is possible that your last year SEO strategy won’t work this year because the search engines might have made few amendments in their algorithms. A stiff and limited SEO company lacking the impulsive skills cannot be a suitable partner for your SEO project.

Content Marketing and Social Media should be the main priorities:

Yes, this is what should be the characteristic feature of your chosen SEO Services Company in Dubai. The company should have a robust SEO strategy to boost your online business and social media and content marketing should enjoy higher percentage in the strategy. Content marketing is important because content of the website is the real king. If the persuasive content is being spread on different platforms like article submission sites, private blogs and forums then it is considered as a very healthy SEO activity. Moreover Social Media has emerged as a real giant with its strong influence in an SEO campaign. Improvement of the social media identity should be the main emphasis of the SEO services company in Dubai.

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