10 Must have tools for Content Marketing

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10 Must have tools for Content Marketing

Content means a lot to your online business and the whole content marketing strategy depends upon certain tools to get best results from the invested effort. Content creation is all about storytelling of your brand of products. Every Brand has a story and to give voice to your brand’s story content plays a significant role. From the creation of content in a multifaceted manner to its publishing and promotion all the phases have their individual importance and are carried out with the help of certain tools or software. A content that has to drive prosperous benefits into place for an online business should be adaptable, influential, target based and effective to attain the public acceptance and appreciation.

We shall discuss 10 worthwhile content marketing tools on the basis of different categories and highlight how they are so important for the success of a content marketing campaign:

Category1. Tools for exploring content ideas:

Following are two of the most beneficial tools if you are to get some useful ideas for the creation of content:

Content Forest:

Content Forest is an exciting and beneficial online tool for content marketing that gives excellent ideas about content creation on a large variety of topics. You can easily search out for different keywords and find suitable heading that you can take inspiration from to write your own content.


This is another useful tool for taking high quality and beneficial ideas for content creation. You can log in to the Visual.ly tool and take advantage from the ideas for infographics, videos, social media content and graphics content from the large library of the tool.

Category2. Tools for Organization of content:

There are some very good tools available for organization of content too from which you can take help from while organizing your compiled content.


Pocket is small application software that can help you in an effective manner as it can save a lot of your content in the form of document, videos and audio data and photos as well. You can come back to your saved data at any time and post it anywhere when you need.


All you reports, documents, business cards, official letters, video content and photos can easily be saved for later use in Evernote. It gives users their own dashboard in which the whole data can be saved and shared at any time.

Category3. Content Design and Development:

There are some very productive content marketing tools available that can help online business greatly in creating the content. Content marketing has grown in stature because of these content creation tools.


Contently is an excellent tool for content marketing as it helps in creating the all-important content. It is a platform where you can tell stories about your products and brands and publish them to seek promotional growth as well. Storytelling becomes lot easier with “Contently”.


This is another content marketing tool that encourages you to add great effectiveness in your content design and creation. There are a number of stories available written by qualified and renowned professionals on storify and you can read all of them and take instant help from them to create your own story.

Category4. Promotion and Advertising of the Content:

This is again an important field of content marketing to promote your business in an influential manner. Following are few significant tools for it:


Buffer is multifunctioning application software for content marketing and helps the sharing of a particular content on multiple social media platforms.


It is an ultimate platform for content marketing as you can share your content in the form of document, presentations, videos, images and reports on SlideShare and advertise it to a larger audience.

Category5. Content Marketing tools for Reports and Analytics:

To measure the progress of content marketing campaign it is important to use some tools that can give detailed information about all the proceedings of the campaign.

Following are these tools:


It allows you to have a check of the performance of your content placed and advertised on different social media platforms. You can always keep a track of your content and constantly look for refining your content marketing strategy.

Google Analytics:

This is one of the most important tools of content marketing. The tool shows you the complete details of the level of engagement between your content and your customers.

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