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Using Content And Social Media For Building Backlinks

Have you ever tried building backlinks without sending out backlink or link exchange request to hundreds of people without having to be called a spammer? Well, my answer would be know because it is really hard to get a quality link these days specially after Google Algorithm updates.

Nowadays, because of social media marketing it is really easy to accuire quality backlinks. Let’s go through some of the techniques of using great content and social media to develop trust, build up a target audience of bloggers who would like to link out and deliver traffic to your commendable content, and also we’ll be talking about affects of social media on your link profile.

Always Be Active on Social Networks

Whether or not you’re sending conventional link requests or link exchange requests (a bad idea, but nonetheless but many people are still doing it!), guest post requests, as well as other kinds of backlink building messages, by doing this chances of success will be much higher specially when the webmasters and bloggers view you as a real person instead of someone who’s sending out messages using softwares, or as a anonymous link builder.

Just by adding a link to your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ profile page in your email signature gives your request a personal touch, enabling the webmaster to check out your website and also get in touch with you directly to learn more about you and your website.

For people who are using Gmail, this is especially valid as emails are linked to Google+ profiles, which makes it easier for Gmail users to determine whether or not the person who has contacted them is indeed a real person or perhaps someone who is making use of a disposable email.

Remember that your Google+ profile picture and your posts and the number of people you are following or have in your circle certainly have a solid affect on their judgement.

Building A Network of Bloggers

Since you are focusing on increasing your social audience on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, along with other networks you set up, you should also try to contact other bloggers and include them in your marketing strategy, specially those that are running blogs and posting content closely related to your website or blog.

Google has always liked editorial links, and when it comes to effectivness the in-content link are very powerful specially the ones that come by natural means from bloggers. Keep in mind that i was talking about real blog network that post quality content not the type of blog networks that Google has been closing down and peanlizing lately.

Try to get in touch with bloggers who are very active on Twitter are engaged in direct conversation with their followers. To find bloggers who are promoting or a publishing content related to your website or category start using Followerwonk and search for twitter profiles related to your targetedd keywords as well as blog owners etc.

It is possible to carry out a related keyword search to acquire list of blogging connections on Google+. Whenever you build this audience, don’t forget to connect with them and  retweet or share their posts on your profile frequently. The greater number of bloggers that have you on their radar, the greater amount of links you might receive.

Make Sure Your Content Is Worth Sharing

You cannot expect every reader to share your posts on social media just because of the ammount of promotion you are doing. Help your content out simply by making it easily shareable on social networking sites by making use of social sharing buttons. You can use Plugins if you have a wordpress blog or if you have other CMS based website or if static site you can generate the share button code from these links Twitter, Facebook or Google+1

Share The Content With Your Friends And People In Social Network Groups

Try to Increase the reach of the content even more by spreading your content regularly across different social network groups on popular websites like: Facebook,LinkedIn as well as Google+ communities but try to focus more on LinkedIn groups since the targeted audience are mostly business owners and professionals and also Google+ communities because they have better chances of getting indexed in future. Always share useful information and try only to join active communities and groups.

Although i can understand that manging all these tasks will require alot of time and effort and that is why i would recommend that you should use HootSuite or a Desktop application like BuzzBundle for managing your social network profiles and pages because you can schedule your posts,tweets and other publications as well as track and monitor your performace along the way!

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