Top 3 Advantages of Social Media Marketing

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Top 3 Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has made its space within a very short span of time in highly condensed technological industry worldwide. With the advent of online marketing and its exceeding acceptance in recent years, social media marketing has also kept winning the trust of the online marketers. However there are some online marketers still who believe that Social Media Marketing is nothing more than just a passing shower that will show its existence for a while and then vanish. On the other hand there are online businesses that have got themselves highly profited with the help of their focused social media marketing campaign. Stepping its feet into 2014, social media marketing has brought some new trends that promise to increase the scope of profits for online businesses even more. Among the online businesses that have taken the services of social media marketing, 92% of them have found great growth for their business through it. This is an enthralling figure of trust that social media has incorporated since its arrival. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+ etc. are offering ample opportunities to the online businesses to advertise their products hence giving them massive growth prospects.

Following are the top 3 benefits you will be able to achieve for your business through Social Media Marketing

Your Business Loyalty will increase:

This is one of the most productive benefits of the social media marketing. Social Media Marketing gives an opportunity to the online businesses to directly interact with their customers, tell them about their latest products, deal with all their queries and build a strong bonding with them. A study conducted by the Convince&Convert says that the 53% of people in America who follow their brands on social media are found more loyal to those who don’t follow their favorite brands. It is all about trust and mutual understanding that is required to build loyalty and social media does that.

More Potential Buyers visit the Business Website:

The traffic on your website increases manifolds with new visitors with the potential to become your consumers and all this happens with social media. When you add your website and products to multiple social media platforms you ultimately increase the pool of inbound links for your website with the ability to track maximum customers. As you post every time on your social media profiles for any new products launch or services, you can track more customers towards your business website.

Social Media Marketing is Cost Friendly Marketing Technique:

Social media marketing is more cost friendly than any other method of online marketing. You have multiple options of customizations with social media and it reaches millions of your customers worldwide in a very much direct manner.  According to a research analysis, 84% of the marketers found it much cost friendly as they had to give only 6 hours per week to their social media campaign in order to get the ideal results. The saved time could be utilized for other revenue generating measures so social media marketing adds real value to money.

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