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Measuring the effectiveness and Potential Risks of PPC

PPC can be very productive for online businesses as it is highly target based. But little loopholes in the PPC strategy can lead to serious business losses and investment failures. In order to avoid such circumstance from happening a potent strategy of PPC matters a great deal because before going into the implementation phase it’s the strategy that matters. You need to be very sure of your budget and total investment before putting your money in any kind of paid advertising campaign. You should be aware of the potential losses that you can come across too. There are a number of benefits including the higher percentage of conversion rates and target driven traffic that you can attain but it all has to be strategized in the most professional manner.

There are two schools of thought about PPC. One is proponent of the idea that PPC bears great importance and has great benefits than any other online marketing technique. On the other hand the opponents of this idea speak in favor of SEO and deny the beneficial nature of PPC calling it a very risky investment.

We shall look upon both schools of thoughts here in this article in detail:

Arguments showing the effective side of PPC:

According to those who favor PPC and paid advertising, there are numerous benefits attached with this technique with right kind of application and execution of productive ideas.

Following are few favorable arguments for PPC:

  • Paid Advertising is totally target based so the chance of potential losses minimizes and the scope of productivity increases manifolds. You can place your ads with specific targets in mind including the locality, time and particular audience.
  • You can measure the growth of a PPC campaign easily and can keep track of all your PPC performance and campaign stats. This is a helping feature as you can always keep on improving and adding substantial features of growth in your PPC campaign leading to consistent business profitability.
  • PPC is specially favorable for the small business companies as it not very expensive solution of online marketing at all and gives the authority to the business companies to decide a particular budget for the PPC campaign and then driven a well-targeted strategy to boost traffic on the business website and increase the brand reputation as well.

This is how the proponents of the effectiveness of PPC defend themselves and slam their opponents by recalling them all the fundamental benefits of Paid advertising. All of them are quite valid too but the question remains on the level of expertise you have in taking a PPC campaign to successful level.

Ideas against the Paid Advertising:

The opponents of the idea that PPC is very effective have their own genuine arguments which they give to support their point of view.

Following are few reservations the marketers against PPC have:

  • SEO as compared to PPC generate more Return of Investment (ROI). SEO is also less expensive and is a long term solution for the growth of an online business. If PPC generates more conversion rates then the revenue generated by SEO surpasses the success of PPC in every proportion.
  • When PPC remains out of context for an online business, the organic rankings of a business website in the search engine listings increase. This can be observed and has been observed in many cases. But Google has come up with a figure supporting PPC saying that 89% of the search engine ads were not being substituted with the organic clicks once PPC was paused. It shows that the absence of PPC does not affect SEO in any positive proportion in fact PPC has a greater share in generating traffic.


The conclusion for the debate about the effectiveness of PPC is very simple. PPC needs professional expertise from qualified online marketing specialists otherwise your whole PPC campaign will go in vain. Similarly PPC can generate greater growth prospects than SEO but it is not as reliable as SEO is because of the sustainable nature of search engine optimization. One other thing you can do to make your choice easy between PPC and SEO is the bucks in your pocket. You can go with PPC if you ready to accept business loss as the danger of financial losses is a little more in PPC than SEO. All in all we come to the conclusion that PPC can generate quick and supportive benefits for an online business if the right kind of approach is taken to drive benefits.

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Impact of Domain Name on your SEO and SMM

Companies put a lot of emphasis on building websites with effective designs and latest web development methods but a very important aspect in terms of SEO and SMM of a website that needs due attention is Domain Name. A website is nothing and cannot create any potential advantage for an online business if the domain name is not appropriate. Domain name is of central importance as it determines the level of engagement your website will produce with your customers and it also helps search engine rank your website high or low in the search engine rankings. SEO is directly linked with Social media marketing as the power of your domain name would instill a certain influence on your marketing campaigns of all kinds. There are different trends that can be followed while selecting the domain name and specifications and what you need to do in this regard is to set such a domain name that helps you target a large customer base with a positive approach.

Domain Names can be based on Main Business Keywords:

It can be great if you make the right kind of keywords strategy and then choose the domain name for your website in line with one of your major keywords representing your brand or company. This can be a good method for choosing the domain name but there are some reservations attached to choosing exact match domains (EMDs). These are the domain names specifically attributed on the basis of selective keywords. After the latest update by Google the scope of EMDs has decreased a lot and Google does not prefer the domain names based on merely the main keyword in its ranking anymore. At the moment there is still some demand for EMDs and many SEO specialists still believe in the power of keywords for the domain names.   A large audience on social media especially can still be tracked with through keywords centered domain names as they are easy to recognize for common people. But in future it seems like Exact Match Domains will be no further a beneficial investment.

Brand Centric Domain Names:

This is the recent development made in terms of the selecting useful domain names for better SEO and social media marketing. Google and many other search engines now prefer domain names with brand names. It is much better to go with the Brand Centric domain names than the keywords specific ones. Your Brand name is your actual identity and this is what you should look to represent. You brand name in the domain name of your website will easily be recognized by your customers as well not only on the social media channels but for typing in their search engine queries as well. This would have a great effect on the SEO of your website. SEO is all about reaching top ranks in the search engines and with all technical factors given respect the search engine also give huge consideration to the public and social media popularity of the website.

Importance of Domain Names for SEO:

SEO gets improved automatically for a website if it has a decent domain name. A domain name becomes ideal when it easy to spell, commanding in nature, representing a particular brand and a little unique,. Such a domain name can play great part in improving the scope of your website for getting higher rankings in search engines hence strengthening its SEO. On the other hand social media marketing of the website also gets boosted with a supreme domain name as all the social media profiles have the same name as the domain name. This is how domain name of the website has great impact on the SEO and SMM of the website.


Importance Of Retargeting In Search Advertising

If you are thinking about promoting your company or business on the Internet and your primary method of online marketing is search engine advertising then you have made the right choice because it is one of the simplest and the most effective methods to promote products or services online. Specially because you can start seeing the results quickly and it is also very cost-effective for businesses that have limited marketing and promotion budget, it is one of the most widely widely used strategy of search engine marketing.

Retargeting is the ideal accompaniment, together with 4 distinct features that drive more traffic and leads from search engine advertising. Here’s the reason why retargeting is the real key to acquiring more from a search campaign:

Tracking and Traffic monitoring

If search advertising is the most suitable technique to generate significantly more leads for your business online, subsequently retargeting is a brilliant way to acquire any lost potential clients to your website. A specialized kind of banner advertising, retargeting allows you to find and track prospects which may have previously shown their interest in your products or services while searching for your brand, product, or services search terms. This particular highly effective technology pinpoints these interested potential customers in 2 different ways so that you can continue showing your ad directly to them when they start to surf on the Internet.

  • Search Retargeting: This type of ads are delivered to those who may have recently searched online for your target business keywords and phrases, such as your company name or specific services or products
  • Site Retargeting: In this campaign the Ads are displayed to users who might have most recently visited your website (typically by clicking on a search ad)

Analyze User Behavior

Almost like how retargeting is most effective when used with great content, additionally it is more effective when applied to high-quality, related targeted traffic. The most effective way to measure up visitors is always to have an understanding of user behavior and it can be reviewed easily.

What are some of the characteristic patterns of website visitors that are converting very well? Some factors that you should consider:

  • Time on website
  • Source Of Traffic
  • Previous purchase history

In depth analysis of visitor behavior needs to be an integral part of your online marketing strategy, and it is unquestionably mandatory if you’re planning on adding retargeting.

Using YouTube Remarketing

Remarketing on YouTube can be a very profitable approach to turn YouTube right into a “social channel” for the purpose of acquiring qualified user lists. marketing important videos on YouTube and also to take into consideration cross-channel efforts for instance promoted tweets of videos to “feed” your list of potential clients.

I use AdRoll for my Retargeting and Display Ads campaigns, one of the most important factor that you should keep in mind is to don’t stalk your visitors by over-retargeting them.

When you are retargeting a visitor, an internet marketer needs to set an optimum time frame depending on the buying cycle for that products or services that are being advertised. If your are doubtful, there are actually a small number of situations where retargeting for over 7 days is justified – you will not only be wasting your money but may also damage your brand’s reputation because no one wants to see same Display Ad again and again because it can be really annoying.


Keyword Research Tips To Boost Your Online Traffic

If you cannot decide which keywords should you target for the SEO and PPC campaigns then please continue reading this article.

I have mentioned in my previous posts quite frequently that there are many web based applications as well as desktop software’s for finding suitable keywords for SEO and PPC but if you have limited budget or if you are new in this field then you start your journey by using free tools and services that are available on the Internet.

Allow me to share with you some of my Market And Keyword Research Tips which will end your Niche research problems.

Reverse Engineer your Competitor’s Keywords:

Have you thought about finding out which keywords or search terms your competitors are targeting for their SEO and PPC campaign?

It is possible to fairly find out your competitor’s keywords and you can do that by using Google’s Free Keyword Tool, List a minimum of 5 top competitors which have been ranking in the top search results for your targeted keywords or search term.

I have used “iPhone 5 cases” as one example of a niche for which i am searching potential keywords that i will be using for my SEO and PPC campaign.

I am going to Paste the URLs of my competitors website that happen to be ranking for the term ‘iPhone 5 Cases’ inside the Website Box.

After that i am going to select a location/region and the language according to the targeted demographic. Select Global and English respectively in case you are planning on promoting your products or services globally.

Now you can either choose the exact match or phrase match as keyword match types. I normally use the phrase matches mainly because it can certainly help me find targeted long-tail keywords for my search campaign in the future.

One of the major positive aspect of this technique is the fact you’ll instantly begin to see the search volumes of the keywords that you have selected. Choose keywords which you believe will likely be strongly related to your niche and group those keywords collectively to generate closely related list of keywords.

Blog About Upcoming Product Launches and Latest Industry Trends:

Publish content on your Blog about upcoming events and product releases. Keep an eye on your competitors product or service launches, stay up to date!

If you can possibly rank well for the keywords which are not being searched right now, and will eventually be highly searched down the road, then it is possible to get a lot of traffic for that search phrase.

Fundamentally, this type of strategy depends upon anticipating keywords that might be highly searched at some point. These keywords are much simpler to rank in the all major search engines because nobody is yet focusing or targetting these keywords.

Use geo-targeted keyword phrases for Local Search:

if you own or are marketing any local business, that offers products or services in a limited area (city/state), including geo-location search phrases for search will allow you to rank much faster than standard keywords.

If you are focusing on promoting and optimizing “Best Dentist” it could take you months, or maybe several years to outrank your competitors.

Use keywords like: ‘Best Dentist In Orlando’ or ‘Best Dentist In Orlando FL’ because it is much more easier to rank and optimize such terms!

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