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Top Practices to Raise the Bar of Your Website’s SEO

SEO has not remained conventional and traditional in approach and has defeated all the odds of its rapid evolution and advancement. The three letter word SEO is no more just a one dimensional process that generates traffic on a website by those back links science merely. The consistent improvement in this process has been a result of real hard work and dedication put by the online marketers all over the world. You cannot just rely on a rigid SEO approach in the present scenario as your competitors are thinking of some great novel ideas. To enhance your levels of novelty with effectiveness and seek excessive growth opportunities you need to think out of box. Such and adventurous approach in SEO hassled to the arrival of some really impacting trends ranging from tinkering with the structure and design of the website to improving its social media identity. SEO has become more versatile and imaginative in nature and that has led to great success enjoyed by online business in recent times. From 2007 to 2014 massive development have been made in SEO which have doubled the bar of achievement for online businesses.

There are some best practices to further make sure that your SEO plan and its execution are at their best:

Website should be User Friendly with least errors:

There are multiple ways with which you can make your website user friendly. Easy navigation, good internal linking, smooth web design, bright graphics and easy functioning of a website can make it very user friendly. In SEO, it is all about how many unique visitors reach your website every day. All your efforts to bring into play back linking strategy and social media activities that had generated unique visitors on your site can go in vain if they don’t find your website user friendly. Web development errors, slow page uploading, non-compatibility of the website with some browser all are the issue that should get resolved so that a website can perform faster and smoother.

Keywords Strategy for SEO should be of top notch:

Keywords matter very much when it comes to raising the standard of an SEO campaign. You whole SEO strategy depends upon the type of keywords you have chosen to represent your website. The whole content of your website will depend upon the specific keywords that you have made bid for. With that you have to make sure that you are using the keywords in the most appropriate manner as stuffing of keywords can also result in creating a bad impact in your overall strategy. Irrelevant or overuse of keywords with the intent to catch maximum attention of the search engine can go against you. You just need to make sure that your keywords strategy is based on quality and not the quantity.

Mobile Friendliness of website takes your SEO to a new level:

Yes, the world is changing rapidly so as the requirements of your SEO of the website. Now with so much talk about the smartphones, tablet and other smart technology gadgets having different operation system, your website should not lose the race by not updating it in line with the modern day requirements. For this purpose, your website needs to be mobile friendly as well. To do this you can either go for two versions of your website; one for PC and the other for mobile. There is another better solution to this and that comes in shape of the responsive web design. A responsive web design adjusts the screen size and resolution of a website automatically for any screen and that has a positive effect in creating a website mobile friendly. A responsive web design is an important part of SEO as it has the potential to track maximum mobile users to take interest in your services.

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Impact of Domain Name on your SEO and SMM

Companies put a lot of emphasis on building websites with effective designs and latest web development methods but a very important aspect in terms of SEO and SMM of a website that needs due attention is Domain Name. A website is nothing and cannot create any potential advantage for an online business if the domain name is not appropriate. Domain name is of central importance as it determines the level of engagement your website will produce with your customers and it also helps search engine rank your website high or low in the search engine rankings. SEO is directly linked with Social media marketing as the power of your domain name would instill a certain influence on your marketing campaigns of all kinds. There are different trends that can be followed while selecting the domain name and specifications and what you need to do in this regard is to set such a domain name that helps you target a large customer base with a positive approach.

Domain Names can be based on Main Business Keywords:

It can be great if you make the right kind of keywords strategy and then choose the domain name for your website in line with one of your major keywords representing your brand or company. This can be a good method for choosing the domain name but there are some reservations attached to choosing exact match domains (EMDs). These are the domain names specifically attributed on the basis of selective keywords. After the latest update by Google the scope of EMDs has decreased a lot and Google does not prefer the domain names based on merely the main keyword in its ranking anymore. At the moment there is still some demand for EMDs and many SEO specialists still believe in the power of keywords for the domain names.   A large audience on social media especially can still be tracked with through keywords centered domain names as they are easy to recognize for common people. But in future it seems like Exact Match Domains will be no further a beneficial investment.

Brand Centric Domain Names:

This is the recent development made in terms of the selecting useful domain names for better SEO and social media marketing. Google and many other search engines now prefer domain names with brand names. It is much better to go with the Brand Centric domain names than the keywords specific ones. Your Brand name is your actual identity and this is what you should look to represent. You brand name in the domain name of your website will easily be recognized by your customers as well not only on the social media channels but for typing in their search engine queries as well. This would have a great effect on the SEO of your website. SEO is all about reaching top ranks in the search engines and with all technical factors given respect the search engine also give huge consideration to the public and social media popularity of the website.

Importance of Domain Names for SEO:

SEO gets improved automatically for a website if it has a decent domain name. A domain name becomes ideal when it easy to spell, commanding in nature, representing a particular brand and a little unique,. Such a domain name can play great part in improving the scope of your website for getting higher rankings in search engines hence strengthening its SEO. On the other hand social media marketing of the website also gets boosted with a supreme domain name as all the social media profiles have the same name as the domain name. This is how domain name of the website has great impact on the SEO and SMM of the website.

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How to make your web design SEO Compliant

The absence or presence of professional search engine optimization plays a significant part in determining the success scope of a web design. It does not matter how well you have designed your website and if you have fulfilled all the modern day criterion of web design or not if your SEO is not appropriate. While creating the web design for any business website, you need to take care of all the important elements which would make a website SEO compliant. Being SEO compliant does not mean to add any extra ordinary features to a website but it means to keep care of certain features in the website design that would lead to website become SEO friendly. SEO Content including the textual data, Graphics and video based content all are the primary features of an SEO compliant web design. The proper adjustment of written data and good balance of video and graphics content make a website design not only SEO friendly but also user friendly.

Following are few ideas to tell you how you can make your web design go well with all the modern day standards of search engine optimization:

Avoid any Coding Errors:

In order to build an SEO compliant web design, you need to stay away from any kind of errors in the structure of your website. Any web development errors can lead to a poor web design and this can hurt your website’s image before your users as well as the search engines. Search Engines look forward to ranking those websites higher that have an attractive outlook and devoid of any coding errors.

Easy Website Navigation and Menu Links:

A good internal linking structure is what a search engine friendly website demands. It is imperative to build a classy web design fitting well with the SEO that you design your website in a way that it has easy navigation. It is important because users find it easy to surf a website that has proper navigation as they are guidelines for users to scroll through different menus. Your homepage should have links directing towards all you website pages and this is what makes a web design SEO compliant.

Use Responsive Web Design:

A website these days cannot provide all its potential benefits till it has a responsive web design. A responsive web design is such a design for a website that makes it highly it easy to use, attractive to represent and equipped with all the percentage points. A responsive web design makes a website suitable to use on smartphones and tablets along with the PC and Laptop. It happens as the screen resolution and size of a website get adjusted automatically for different screen sizes. This is how you can surely make your website an SEO friendly one.


How SEO Services are Superior to Pay per Click

seoSearch Engine Optimization is a technique that is utilized to take care of all the factors of a business website ranging from its promotional strategy to enhanced online exposure. The world has gone digital in recent times and demands perfection in every bit of the technical work. You can’t just sit on your couch and wait for your traditional field marketing strategies work for you. It is all too old now. It is regime of immense advancement made in whole IT sector and it has also revolutionized the world of marketing. Now instead of the marketing with brochures, banners and hoardings; mega companies are looking forward to the digital marketing or more profoundly known as the online marketing. Online marketing allows your business to catch a wider range of audience and make them interested in your services. The field of online marketing is very diverse and includes many different disciplines as a part of it. The two major techniques which are preferred all over the world in case of online marketing are search engine optimization and Paid advertising (Pay per Click).

Difference between SEO and PPC:

Even the names are so different so as the nature of the work in both services. Both are totally different types of online marketing and both have their perks and faults. When we talk about the search engine optimization, it is the procedure in which the on-page SEO, off- page SEO and social media marketing of an online business website are conducted as key elements. The basic purpose of the SEO is create such a strategy for the online business in terms of its content creation and distribution on various platforms which can expand the business reach and open the doors of success for it. It happens in SEO as the website slowly but steadily achieves the higher rankings in the search engines and improves its credibility in an organic manner. On the other hand as we talk about Paid advertising, it is the method of putting targeted ads on the top of the search result pages of the search engines. Bidding for the competitive keywords is involved in this and the selected keywords are inserted in the short ads displayed on search engines to get target audience to the business website.

How SEO Services are more beneficial than PPC Services:

It is important to understand how SEO services have a more stable identity as compared to the PPC services. The fact of the matter is that SEO services are more reliable in terms of continually generating growth outcomes. It is not a short run process and the potential of SEO is long-lasting. SEO takes a little time but you don’t need to pay much for ideal results as you have to in case of PPC services. The Paid advertising is far more expensive than the SEO. The generation and implementation of ads on search engine cost a lot. Moreover, bidding for keywords also snatches a hefty amount of money. If the ads are not placed in accordance with the target audience, it can then surely cause huge financial lose. Whereas SEO keeps the balance for sustainable business success and this is what makes the SEO services more superior to the PPC.

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Analyze your Online Business Performance with SEO Services in Dubai

images (2)It can never be easy for an online business to keep a detailed track of its online business performance in Dubai but it can be made possible with SEO Services in Dubai. Search Engine Optimization is a process that revolves around optimizing a website and its services according to the pre-defined criterion set by the search engines. With search engine optimization, the success potential of your website can rise to massive extent owing to the diversified nature of this process. It is the most productive means of Online marketing for an online business. With SEO Services in Dubai, you can achieve such a competitive advantage that can open many doors of success for your online business. What happens when you get the SEO services in Dubai is that you get the detailed SEO reports along with all the progress information for your online business. This enables you to strengthen your identity and keep on accelerating towards success.

SEO Services and their respective advantages:

There are a number of SEO services in Dubai that can yield growth friendly business advantages for you. Within an SEO package you get a number of essential SEO services which can help you in developing a robust online identity for your business.

Following are three key SEO Services that you can avail in a complete SEO Plan:

  • On-Page Optimization
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing

Along with these fundamental SEO Services you also acquire the detailed analytical review of your business website on weekly or monthly basis. A professional SEO company devises such plans for your online business that are best according to your business nature. The detailed reports about all the SEO activities in this regard are of prime importance as they continue to tell everything about the SEO proceedings.

German ITS gives you in-depth analysis of your website:

German IT Solutions is a leading SEO company offering its quality filled SEO services in Dubai. The working methodology of the SEO Company is such that it provokes the thorough analysis of a business website before starting the SEO process. The company first analyzes the market in which the business of the client is running. Then after understanding all the market trends the company evolves such an online marketing strategy for its clients that fit in the best way with your business. The company keeps their clients updated with all the proceedings of the SEO process and asks for their inputs as well if needed. The experience of over 20 years in the field of online marketing makes the German IT Solution a very suitable option for all the online businesses in Dubai.

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