Impact of Domain Name on your SEO and SMM

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Impact of Domain Name on your SEO and SMM

Companies put a lot of emphasis on building websites with effective designs and latest web development methods but a very important aspect in terms of SEO and SMM of a website that needs due attention is Domain Name. A website is nothing and cannot create any potential advantage for an online business if the domain name is not appropriate. Domain name is of central importance as it determines the level of engagement your website will produce with your customers and it also helps search engine rank your website high or low in the search engine rankings. SEO is directly linked with Social media marketing as the power of your domain name would instill a certain influence on your marketing campaigns of all kinds. There are different trends that can be followed while selecting the domain name and specifications and what you need to do in this regard is to set such a domain name that helps you target a large customer base with a positive approach.

Domain Names can be based on Main Business Keywords:

It can be great if you make the right kind of keywords strategy and then choose the domain name for your website in line with one of your major keywords representing your brand or company. This can be a good method for choosing the domain name but there are some reservations attached to choosing exact match domains (EMDs). These are the domain names specifically attributed on the basis of selective keywords. After the latest update by Google the scope of EMDs has decreased a lot and Google does not prefer the domain names based on merely the main keyword in its ranking anymore. At the moment there is still some demand for EMDs and many SEO specialists still believe in the power of keywords for the domain names.   A large audience on social media especially can still be tracked with through keywords centered domain names as they are easy to recognize for common people. But in future it seems like Exact Match Domains will be no further a beneficial investment.

Brand Centric Domain Names:

This is the recent development made in terms of the selecting useful domain names for better SEO and social media marketing. Google and many other search engines now prefer domain names with brand names. It is much better to go with the Brand Centric domain names than the keywords specific ones. Your Brand name is your actual identity and this is what you should look to represent. You brand name in the domain name of your website will easily be recognized by your customers as well not only on the social media channels but for typing in their search engine queries as well. This would have a great effect on the SEO of your website. SEO is all about reaching top ranks in the search engines and with all technical factors given respect the search engine also give huge consideration to the public and social media popularity of the website.

Importance of Domain Names for SEO:

SEO gets improved automatically for a website if it has a decent domain name. A domain name becomes ideal when it easy to spell, commanding in nature, representing a particular brand and a little unique,. Such a domain name can play great part in improving the scope of your website for getting higher rankings in search engines hence strengthening its SEO. On the other hand social media marketing of the website also gets boosted with a supreme domain name as all the social media profiles have the same name as the domain name. This is how domain name of the website has great impact on the SEO and SMM of the website.

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