Keyword Research Tips To Boost Your Online Traffic


Keyword Research Tips To Boost Your Online Traffic

If you cannot decide which keywords should you target for the SEO and PPC campaigns then please continue reading this article.

I have mentioned in my previous posts quite frequently that there are many web based applications as well as desktop software’s for finding suitable keywords for SEO and PPC but if you have limited budget or if you are new in this field then you start your journey by using free tools and services that are available on the Internet.

Allow me to share with you some of my Market And Keyword Research Tips which will end your Niche research problems.

Reverse Engineer your Competitor’s Keywords:

Have you thought about finding out which keywords or search terms your competitors are targeting for their SEO and PPC campaign?

It is possible to fairly find out your competitor’s keywords and you can do that by using Google’s Free Keyword Tool, List a minimum of 5 top competitors which have been ranking in the top search results for your targeted keywords or search term.

I have used “iPhone 5 cases” as one example of a niche for which i am searching potential keywords that i will be using for my SEO and PPC campaign.

I am going to Paste the URLs of my competitors website that happen to be ranking for the term ‘iPhone 5 Cases’ inside the Website Box.

After that i am going to select a location/region and the language according to the targeted demographic. Select Global and English respectively in case you are planning on promoting your products or services globally.

Now you can either choose the exact match or phrase match as keyword match types. I normally use the phrase matches mainly because it can certainly help me find targeted long-tail keywords for my search campaign in the future.

One of the major positive aspect of this technique is the fact you’ll instantly begin to see the search volumes of the keywords that you have selected. Choose keywords which you believe will likely be strongly related to your niche and group those keywords collectively to generate closely related list of keywords.

Blog About Upcoming Product Launches and Latest Industry Trends:

Publish content on your Blog about upcoming events and product releases. Keep an eye on your competitors product or service launches, stay up to date!

If you can possibly rank well for the keywords which are not being searched right now, and will eventually be highly searched down the road, then it is possible to get a lot of traffic for that search phrase.

Fundamentally, this type of strategy depends upon anticipating keywords that might be highly searched at some point. These keywords are much simpler to rank in the all major search engines because nobody is yet focusing or targetting these keywords.

Use geo-targeted keyword phrases for Local Search:

if you own or are marketing any local business, that offers products or services in a limited area (city/state), including geo-location search phrases for search will allow you to rank much faster than standard keywords.

If you are focusing on promoting and optimizing “Best Dentist” it could take you months, or maybe several years to outrank your competitors.

Use keywords like: ‘Best Dentist In Orlando’ or ‘Best Dentist In Orlando FL’ because it is much more easier to rank and optimize such terms!

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