SEnuke XCr Review


SEnuke XCr Review

SEnuke XCr is a very popular SEO software, i have been using this software for almost 3 years now. Basically what makes this software so special is the fact that it automates most of the tedious SEO tasks and you don’t have to sign up for websites manually, with the latest version of SEnuke XCr you can also add your own custom websites or blogs that you own and schedule content posting and backlinking process.

My SEnuke XCr Review:

Before the launch of SEnuke XCr on September 19th, 2012 the software was known as SEnuke, the developers have added tons of features in the latest version which makes it by far the best automatic backlinking software available in the market.

The softwares was created by Joe Russell and Areeb Bajwa both of them are professional online marketers and they have been in this field for almost a decade now.

This software can not only help you creates tons of backlinks for your clients but you can also use it for your own websites and make money online using affiliate marketing for instance promoting amazon products or products of some other companies or perhaps use it for generating leads.

SEnuke XCr Overview

With this software you can create a variety of links:

  • Web 2.0 Profiles
  • Social Network Submission
  • Article Submission
  • PDF Submission
  • Local Citation Sites Submission
  • Forum Profiles

In this SEnuke XCr Review , i am going to be covering all aspects of this software.

Advantages Of Using SEnuke XCr:

  • User can easily find profitable niches and keywords
  • The software provides you indepth competition anaylsis
  • Schedule campaigns and the softwares will do everything automatically (Account Creation/Verification/Submission)
  • With the content spinner you can easily create dozens of variations of an article instanly.
  • Auto-Captcha Solving and 3rd-Party Captcha Softwares and Subscrptions Integration
  • Users can use private proxies as well
  • iMacro support also included, users can add custom sites and also create imacros of their own.

Major Disadvantages Of Using SEnuke XCr:

  • Built-In Auto Captcha solver does not solve all types of captchas,
  • Using 3rd party services like Death By Captcha and ImageTyperz will increase the cost of running the software
  • For consistent results private proxies are recommended which can be costly.

You don’t have to be a expert to use this software, there are tons of video tutorials that are available on YouTube and on SEnuke Forum. If used properly this software is capable of handling all backlinking tasks.

With the built-in Diagram creator you can easily create your own backlinking strategy or you can also use the pre-existing templates and modify them according to your requirements.

Monthly Subsription Of SEnuke XCr: 14 days free then $67/month For Lite and 14 days free then $147/month For XCR Pro version.

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