Über mich

Junaid Dar, German/Pakistani fellow who has more than 9 years of online marketing experience that he gathered by joining one of the top web design/development and online consultancy company April & June GmbH.

How I Started My Online Marketing Journey?

When I look back it still feels like yesterday when I started my online journey by creating Google Adsense websites beside my Business Informatic studies and that is how I started taking keen interest in SEO, having my own projects helped me in polishing my skills. In 2004 I was working at Deutsche Bank as a Project Manager in the field of Online Banking and the internal search engine, where I learned in depth the world of search engines! In 2008, I finally decided that it was time for me to start my own company. So, after almost 9 years here I am, sharing my thoughts, experience and knowledge of the field with you, dear fellow readers!

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